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NEARNG - GTS Data Communications Infrastructure Improvements

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Contact:   Robert DeMoss
PreBid Date:   05/16/2019 01:00 PM CST
PreBid Info:   A Pre-Bid Meeting and Walk-Through will be held at Headquarters Bldg 100, Greenlief T/S at 1:00pm on 5/16/2019. This Pre-Bid Meeting and Walk-Through is not mandatory for all Bidders.

Company:   Nebraska Army National Guard
Bid Date:   05/30/2019 01:30 PM CST
Bid Info:   Proposals must be submitted to the Construction & Facilities Management Office, Nebraska Army National Guard, 2433 NW 24th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68524 before 1:30pm on 5/30/2019 and then opened publicly and read aloud at.

Project Location: Hastings, NE

Public Notes:
The scope of this project is to provide raceway, cabling, and associated items for an owner furnished, contractor installed guest wireless network at the Greenlief Training Site (GTS). Wireless access points, patch panels, racks, UPS, switches and other active electronics are furnished by the owner for contractor installation. Termination and testing of the cabling is the responsibility of the contractor. Scheduling of work in each building, network outages, exact cabling routing (especially in areas requiring surface mounted raceway or areas with special aesthetic concerns), and installation of all new equipment must be coordinated with the owner prior to commencement of that work. Refer to the project plans and specifications for additional clarification.

Job Purchase Information:
Bid documents can be obtained from A&D Technical Supply Co., Inc. A hard copy of bid documents is available for a non-refundable fee of $20 payable to A&D Technical Supply Co.

If a bidder requests a set to be mailed, a separate nonrefundable payment of $15 dollars per set, payable to A&D Technical, shall be included to cover handling and postage.

A digital download of the complete set is available for a non-refundable fee of $15 paid to A&D Technical Supply Co.