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Distributed By Omaha Office
A&D Technical Supply Co.
4320 S. 89th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68127
402-592-4950 ext 4
View Job Details | Order2017 Bass Pro Parking Lot Repairs
HGM Associates Inc.09/28/2017
View Job Details | Order2017 Sanitary, Storm & Paving - SID #455, Indian Creek Business Park
Olsson Associates - Omaha10/18/2017
View Job Details | Order2017 Storm Sewer & Drainage Reconstruction - Buccaneer Bay_SID #5
Ehrhart Griffin11/09/2017
View Job Details | Order2017 Street Maintenance & Repair - Sidney, Iowa
This project consists of 2 separate contracts. Contract No. 1 - Seal Coat Surfacing & Contract No. 2 - Asphalt & Concrete Paving.
Olmsted & Perry Consulting Engineers Inc.06/26/2017
View Job Details | Order2017 Street Reconstruction - Buccaneer Bay - SID #5
Ehrhart Griffin11/09/2017
View Job Details | Order84th Street Redevelopment Area Public Improvement Redevelopment Project
DLR Group Inc.10/30/2017
View Job Details | OrderAberdeen Apartments
Arch Icon Construction Corporation is the General Contractor for the Project.
Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture11/03/2017
View Job Details | OrderBass Pro Shops RTU Replacement
Engineering Technologies - Omaha11/09/2017
View Job Details | OrderBuffalo Creek Regional Pumping Station
Olmsted & Perry Consulting Engineers Inc.04/11/2017
View Job Details | OrderCBCSD - Wilson Middle School, Roosevelt Elementary & Edison Elementary Schools Roof Replacement
HGM Associates Inc.09/14/2017
View Job Details | OrderChristensen Family YMCA Camp Entrance Gate
BVH Architecture - Lincoln08/29/2017
View Job Details | OrderCity of Blair 2017 Water Main Improvements
PLEASE NOTE: The bide date on this project has changed. The new bid date is September 19, 2017.
HDR Engineering Inc.09/19/2017
View Job Details | OrderCity of Council Bluffs Police Department Headquarters - HVAC Controls, Security Equipment & Emergency Generator Equipment Bid Package #3
PLEASE NOTE: The bid date on this project has changed. The new bid date is October 4, 2017.
Hoefer Wysocki Architecture10/04/2017
View Job Details | OrderCity of Omaha - Brown Park Pavilion Repairs
City of Omaha Parks Recreation Dept.09/13/2017
View Job Details | OrderCity of Omaha - Locust Glen North 19th Avenue Public Improvements
City of Omaha Planning Dept.09/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderCity of Omaha - Locust Glen, Phase III
City of Omaha Planning Dept.09/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderCity of Omaha - Spring Lake Park Pool Bathhouse Wall Repair
City of Omaha Parks Recreation Dept.09/13/2017
View Job Details | OrderCity of Omaha - Standing Bear Lake Playground
City of Omaha Parks Recreation Dept.09/27/2017
View Job Details | OrderCitylight Church
This project has pre-selected General Contractors.
Lueder Construction, MCL Construction,Lund Ross, F&B Constructors, Meco Henne & Boyd Jones.
BVH Architecture - Omaha06/06/2017
View Job Details | OrderCouncil Bluffs Fire Station #5 Storage Building
HGM Associates Inc.11/01/2017
View Job Details | OrderCouncil Bluffs Police Department Headquarters - Bid Package #4
Hoefer Wysocki Architecture10/17/2017
View Job Details | OrderGold Coast Road Grading & Erosion Control - S.I.D. #330 (R&R Commerce Park)
Olsson Associates - Omaha09/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderGP Industries Warehouse Project - Grading Package
PLEASE NOTE: The bid date on the project has changed. The new bid date is October 20, 2017.
McGinnis Construction Inc10/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderHampton Public School Renovation & Addition
CD'S and Downloads CANNOT be obtained from A&D Technical Supply Co., Inc. ALL Digital Document requests MUST be submitted to Carlson West Povondra Architects.
Carlson West Povondra Architects10/06/2016
View Job Details | OrderLoveland Flats
Calabretto Building Group10/05/2017
View Job Details | OrderOmaha Correctional Center Handball Court
Nebraska Dept of Correctional Services10/05/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - 2017 Summer Portables Classroom Relocations
BCDM Architects04/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - 32nd & Burt Street Elementary School Project
Jackson - Jackson & Associates, Inc.10/26/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Access Control at Central Park Elementary, Dundee Elementary & Skinner Magnet Center
Carlson West Povondra Architects04/06/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Blackburn High School Life Safety Upgrades
Farris Engineering04/25/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Columbian Elementary School
Schemmer Associates Inc10/26/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Florence Elementary School Facility Infrastructure Upgrades - Boys & Girls Club Addition
Prochaska Associates03/14/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Fullerton Elementary Playground Improvements
Omaha Public Schools08/03/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Generator Installation at the Distribution Center
Morrissey Engineering11/07/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Gilder Elementary School
JE Dunn Construction Company is the Construction Manager on this project.
Schemmer Associates Inc03/07/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Hand Dryers 2017
Omaha Public Schools03/30/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - ILP at Saratoga Elementary
Omaha Public Schools04/27/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Lavatory & Counterop Replacement at Educare at Kellom Elementary School
Omaha Public Schools06/08/2017
View Job Details | OrderOPS - Learning Community North Center & Kellom Educare Classroom Audiovisual
IP Design Group10/31/2017
View Job Details | OrderOur Savior Lutheran Church
Beckenhauer Construction is the project manager on this job.
Beckenhauer Construction10/17/2017
View Job Details | OrderPlatteview Junior High & High School Renovations
DLR Group Inc.09/28/2017
View Job Details | OrderPLCS - Papillion Middle School Chiller Replacement
Alvine and Associates Inc.10/26/2017
View Job Details | OrderPSC - Student Center Roof Replacement
Jackson - Jackson & Associates, Inc.05/12/2016
View Job Details | OrderRenovation of Midtown Health Center
PLEASE NOTE: The pre-bid time on this project has been changed to 2:00 P.M.
Peters And Associates Architects P.C.10/10/2017
View Job Details | OrderSt. Bernadette Catholic Church Elevator Addition
This project has pre-selected General Contractors.
The Weitz Co., Hawkins Construction, MCL Construction & AOI Corporation.
Morrissey Engineering01/17/2017
View Job Details | OrderUNMC - GCAIL Building Automation System Installation
UNMC Facilities Mgt.10/10/2017
View Job Details | OrderUNMC - Heating Hot Water Expansion Prepurchase Condensing Boiler Package
UNMC Facilities Mgt.09/21/2017
View Job Details | OrderWest Broadway Segment 2 Water Main Improvements
HGM Associates Inc.10/03/2017
View Job Details | OrderWest Papio Trail - Giles Road to Millard
The Big Muddy Workshop Inc.10/31/2017
View Job Details | OrderWSC - Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation Facility
Farris Engineering10/17/2017
View Job Details | OrderWSC - Neihardt Hall Fire Alarm Upgrade
Farris Engineering11/14/2017
Distributed By Lincoln Office
A&D Technical Supply Co. Lincoln,NE
1822 N Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
View Job Details | OrderBuffalo County Maintenance Building - Generator Replacement Project
Engineering Technologies11/14/2017
View Job Details | OrderCross County Community Schools - Elementary addition
BVH Architecture - Lincoln06/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderEcho Electric Office/Warehouse
This job is purchase only
Clark Architectural Collaborative09/28/2017
View Job Details | OrderFerguson Mansion Porch Renovation
PLEASE NOTE: The bid date has been changed to June 1st, 2017
State Building Division - Dept. of Admin.05/24/2017
View Job Details | OrderGeneva - YRTC Fire Alarm Panels Burroughs Sandoz & Sacajawea
The bid date has changed to Sept. 5 per addendum #1.
State Building Division - Dept. of Admin.09/05/2017
View Job Details | OrderKennard House Porch Restoration Project
Berggren Architects07/21/2017
View Job Details | OrderLincoln Regional Center Boiler Building #11 - Roof Replacement
Jackson - Jackson & Associates, Inc.07/06/2017
View Job Details | OrderLPS - Belmont Elementary IAQ Project
The Pre-Bid date is Tuesday, March 7th
Engineering Technologies03/16/2017
View Job Details | OrderLPS District Wide Electronic Access Group D - Rebid
This project will be re-advertised and bids will be received at a future date.
IP Design Group
View Job Details | OrderNDCS - Community Corrections Center 160 Bed Female Housing Unit and Facility Expansion
This job is purchase only.
Carlson West Povondra Architects06/13/2017
View Job Details | OrderNDCS - Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP) - Housing Units 7 and 8 Reroof
Davis Design10/10/2017
View Job Details | OrderNDCS - Temporary Boiler Connections
This job is purchase only.
Nebraska Dept of Correctional Services07/06/2017
View Job Details | OrderNDCS - WEC Handball Court
This job is purchase only.
Nebraska Dept of Correctional Services11/09/2017
View Job Details | OrderNDOT Kearney Rest Areas ADA Upgrades
PLEASE NOTE: The Bid Date has been changed to Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Erickson Sullivan Architects09/21/2017
View Job Details | OrderNEARNG - CATS Cantonment Area Underground Electrical
Digital download only.
Engineering Technologies05/18/2017
View Job Details | OrderNEARNG - CATS Physical Fitness Facility
Nebraska Army National Guard08/17/2017
View Job Details | OrderNEARNG - Chadron RC Latrine & Kitchen Remodel
Joseph R. Hewgley Associates Inc.08/15/2017
View Job Details | OrderNEARNG CFMO - AASF#2 Sustainment
Digital download only.
Davis Design05/16/2017
View Job Details | OrderNebraska Army National Guard CATS Entrance Road Sustainment
Nebraska Army National Guard08/10/2017
View Job Details | OrderNebraska Army National Guard CATS-M 3rd Street Paving Project
Nebraska Army National Guard08/10/2017
View Job Details | OrderNebraska State Patrol Troop C - Exterior Restoration
Jackson - Jackson & Associates, Inc.07/13/2017
View Job Details | OrderSDARNG - Reno Doors Statewide - Group A
Davis Design09/28/2017
View Job Details | OrderSDARNG - Reno Doors Statewide - Group B
Davis Design09/28/2017
View Job Details | OrderState of Nebraska 501 Building Boiler Replacment
View Job Details | OrderState of Nebraska- Geneva YRTC Tunnel Repair
The Pre-Bid is 12/08/2016. The bid date is 12/20/2016
State Building Division - Dept. of Admin.12/20/2016